today i learned – sat 24th feb 2018

yesterday, i spent a fair amount of my work dat writing about a new volvo 🚙

during that time, i learned quite an interesting fact about them (yes, that is possible!)

#tdil the reason why all volvos have that diagonal line across their front grille 🤓

now, when i say ‘diagonal line’ i’m not referring to the volvo logo … i’m referring to the below line that travels through the logo:

if you look through the history of the brand (all the way back to 1927) you’ll find that aforementioned diagonal line appears on the grille of every single one! but why?! 🤔

well, it turns out that it is there due to the laws of physics and design 👍🏻 you see, when the first volvo was made, helmer masolle (volvo’s founder) wanted the badge to be centred at the front.

the problem with that, however, was that the open square radiator had no grille … therefore meaning that there was no where to house the volvo badge 😳

as such, masolle decided to put a diagonal bar from one side of the radiator to the other with the logo attached in the middle 😏 … ta daaaaaaaaaaa!

in that moment, an intrinsic part of volvo’s design language was born! (hence every volvo having it) … if you’ve never noticed it before, you will now 😂

and that’s that 🤷🏻‍♂️ pretty straight forward today, to be honest. even so, it’s one that you’ll be able to use down the pub and possibly in a very specific pub quiz 😘

right, i’m off to mod a car that isn’t a volvo 🙈

peace 💪🏻 #tdil


woooooooooo, another useful (ish) fact!! 😎 feel like you need more of this good brain food? just take a nibble over ->here<-

(all of today’s images came from the volvo pressroom … i really like pressrooms, they’re major helpful 🙌🏻. you’ll find volvo’s ->here<-)

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