today i learned – thurs 22nd feb 2018

okay, today’s post is going to be genuinely entirely pointless …

but i’ve stumbled upon a debate that is driving me crazy and i need to share the pain 😂

#tdil that no one can agree how many holes a straw has 😳🥤

trust me, i’ve used many a straw in my 26 years of existence … but not once has the question “how many holes are there in this straw?” entered my brain box 😂

honestly, i thought it was pretty straight forward – surely there’s a hole in the top and the bottom!? 🤔 well, some peeps don’t agree 🙈.

you see, some people argue that straws only have one hole … it’s just one really long hole that spans the entire straw … tbh it does make sense 😅

but wait, there’s more! there’s another camp of people that argue a straw actually has zero holes, zero!? … “how is that possible?!” i hear you cry 😱

well, the argument goes that a straw is a hollow cylinder and therefore there can’t be a hole 🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s just how the shape is 😶

told you today’s post would be entirely pointless 😂 like, we’ve literally reached new levels of pointless today 🙈 … that’s five minutes that you’re never getting back 😅

that said, this little argument makes me lol massively … why is it even a thing!? regardless, i want to know which side of the fence you fall on 😏

laterz peeps ♥️ #tdil


i actually feel a little bad for putting you through this 😂 meh, if you want something actually decent, just take a gander over ->here<-

(right! image license time 😘 picture one is ->here<-, picture two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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