today i learned – weds 21st feb 2018

as the winter olympics is still around, let’s have another bit of wintery goodness 😁

to be honest, this fact is totally parenting goals … so we probably would have had it anyway 😂

#tdil the parents of one of the winter olympics athletes cycled 10,000miles to watch him compete? 🚲

see, i told you that it was total parenting goals! 😱 10,000 miles?! that’s such commitment!? 😅

before you ask, that isn’t a typo … i legit mean 10,000 miles! they cycled through a total of 20 different countries before arriving at the games 😳

the legendary parents live in zurich and are named guido huwiler and rita ruttmann … their son is freestyle skier mischa gasser ⛷

they apparently left zurich on 2nd february and arrived in pyeongchang the week before their son competed 😁 after cycling through italy, croatia, montenegro, kosovo, serbia, bulgaria, turkey, georgia, armenia, iran, azerbaijan, thailand, laos and cambodia #phew

like me, you’re possibly asking “what on earth causes someone to do such a thing!?”. well, i can tell you 😏 according to gasser, it’s just what they do! they both love doing crazy stuff 🤙🏻

they enjoy doing crazy stuff so much that they’re both professional explorers that just go to loads of places on their bikes 😎

guido is a fellow blogger that wrote posts about the whole adventure 😄 so go forth and have a read/leave all the love on his blog ->here<-. it’s an insanely motivation place to chill out, so deffo do yourself a favour and have a read!

anyhew, that’s us done for today peeps 🙌🏻 totally down with this fact … go and be mad committed parents 😏

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


rather enjoyed this one today 😁 was a little different 😏 if you fancy reading some more fun stuff, go take a sniggle over ->here<-

(all three images come from guido’s blog … i’m not sure of the copyright but hopefully he doesn’t mind! once again, go see his insanely motivational blog ->here<-)

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