today I learned – mon 19th feb 2018

now, i’ll be the first to admit that this post is probably a tad late 😂😅 #unorganised

regardless, we’re finally going to do a winter olympics based fact! ⛷

#tdil where and how curling even became a thing 🥌

(as if there’s a curling stone emoji … i’ve struggled with obvious stuff and there’s a ruddy curling stone?!)

due to this year’s winter olympics, i’ve actually developed a bit of a guilty love of curling 🙈 that said, i can’t for the life of me figure out how someone gets into it or how it came about in the first place 🤔

that’s where this fact comes in 😏 welcome to a (very … like, very) brief history of curling 🤓

so, apparently the sport originated in around 1511 (ish, we’ll come back to that) in scotland and was initially played on frozen lakes during the winter ❄️

now, the reason for the ‘ish’ is that the first primitive curling stones were dated 1511. they were literally just big stones, so the actual birth of the sport tends to be created to the 1600s because that’s when handles were added to the stones 🤙🏻

after its humble beginnings on the ponds and lochs of scotland, the sport basically grew as scots left the country, settled in other cold countries and subsequently passed on their sporting goodness 😏 (why you’d leave scotland to settle somewhere else cold is beyond me 😳)

anyway, after slowly gaining fans in various cold countries across the world, curling was introduced into the the olympics in 1924 😁 … it was then dropped 😅 #awks … but then reintroduced in 1932 👍🏻

i think that’ll probably do us to be honest 🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s not the most comprehensive history of curling … but you wouldn’t be here if you wanted comprehensive 😂

if you find yourself with a wanting to learn more about curling, one of my sources are ->here<-

right, that’s us done 😏

ta ta 🥌 #tdil


i really want to have a go at curling! 🙈 … fancy staying inside and warm? take a gander over ->here<- at more fun facts 😘

(images were once again difficult 🙄 but here goes … image license one is ->here<- and image two/header is ->here<-)

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