today i learned – sun 18th feb 2018

so, after yesterday’s fact that took pointless to new levels … i thought we’d have something slightly useful 😏

lol jokes 😂 today we’re going for pointless but interesting 😁

#tdil ravens can be taught to speak better than parrots can 🦅 (<- that’s an eagle … but there’s no raven emoji)

when you think of parrots, i bet that you imagine one called polly having a chin wag (you probably also imagine pirates 😂🤷🏻‍♂️). it turns out, however, that they’ve been hogging the limelight!

apparently, ravens are super clever and actually have the ability to talk, imitate cars and even pretend to foxes 🦊

why would a raven pretend to be a fox? well, if the raven isn’t capable of breaking into a carcass itself, then it’ll pretend to be a fox or wolf in order to attract some over 😏 that causes the predators to break into the carcass and make it easier for the birds 🤓 … see, clever!

after having watched a few videos (one of which is below) it’s actually pretty darn freaky how good they are at talking like real life humans 😳 can you imagine one randomly talking to you out in the real world?!

that said, aside from the few cases that they pretend to be foxes and shizz, most ravens only learn to talk in captivity 🤷🏻‍♂️ … so you shouldn’t have to worry about ravens trying to start a conversation with you 😂

right, that’s that! parrots have been stealing the focus off of ravens for all of these years … it’s a total conspiracy! 😳😜 at least we’ve exposed them now 😏

anyway, i think it’s time to end … i’m rambling 😅

goodnight! 😘 #tdil


yaaaaay, fun filled animal times! 😁 fancy learning more things? take a wander over ->here<-

(picture license time!! image one is ->here<- and image two/header is ->here<-)

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