today i learned – sat 17th feb 2018

alright, this little blog has always been a place of random yet glorious goodness 🙌🏻

i feel that today’s fact is a massive over achiever 😏

#tdil that a dude spent a year gluing match sticks together and then set them on fire 😂

the dude can be found on reddit and goes by the name wallacemk (find him ->here<-) and he basically glued the vast amount of matchsticks together because he wondered if it would eventually create a sphere 😅

wondering exactly how many matchsticks he glued together during that year? well, i’ll tell you – a massive 42,000 😳. wanna see it? well, here you go!

now, there’s more to this ridiculous bit of engineering than just randomly gluing matchsticks together … dude went full on clever about how he did it 🤓

instead of randomness, he used special modelling computer programs to work out angles and number of matches and all sorts 🙌🏻 #goldstar

righty then … i think that’s us done for today 😂 there really isn’t much else to say 🙈

speak soon 😏 #tdil


yaaaaaaaay! it’s been a while since we had something so random 😂 feel like reading something a bit more sensible (slightly)? take yo face over ->here<-

(not many pictures today 🤷🏻‍♂️ here are some licenses 👍🏻 picture one is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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