today i learned – thurs 15th feb 2018

soooooo, this post is totally late, as the super bowl has already passed 😅 … oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️

anyway, while peeps enjoyed some american footy and live music, the police kept a rather strong eye on them 😳

#tdil there is a sniper’s nest at the super bowl 🔫

that’s not all! there are actually multiple police snipers posted all around the super bowl stadium! 😅

to be honest, when you consider that almost 70,000 people attended the super bowl, you’d expect security to be super high … especially due to the world that we currently live in!

that said, it probably never crossed your mind that real life actual ghost warrior, sniper rifle wielding, po po would have their beady eyes on the crowd 😳

this fact was first discovered back in 2012 when a company called ‘us tactical supply’ threw some pictures on facebook before the game kicked off 🏉

they were just super proud that they’d supplied the tripod that the officer was using … as you’d expect, it caused controversy.4.dayz, so they took the photos straight down 🤷🏻‍♂️ (not quick enough for the world’s press to not get hold of them!)

apparently, in order to make sure peeps weren’t super paranoid when sat in the crowd, it was stressed that spotters only used binoculars to survey the crowd during the game – the big scary gun is only for when they find bad guys 👿

but yeah, there you go – the super bowl literally has everything 😂 sick adverts, live music, american football and snipers 👍🏻

and there you go 😏 that’s another useless fact sorted 😘 hopefully you enjoyed!!

speak laters 😜 #tdil


wooooooo, another fact down 🙌🏻 feel like you need to learn more shizz? get yo pretty face over ->here<-

(right, pictures are easy today 😁 they all came from ->here<- on facey-b)

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