today i learned – fri 9th feb 2018

have you ever been around someone’s pet and then suddenly got all sniffly and sneezy? 🤧

well, it turns out that it’s not only us humans that get allergic to stuff 😳

#tdil that it is possible for your cat to be allergic to you! 🐱

it turns out that cats can actually get allergic to quite a few things 😢 like, they can even have seasonal allergies to pollen and grass and stuff … cats can literally have hayfever?!

alongside all of those fun times, it turns out that, in rare cases, they can even be allergic to humans 🙈 that said, the allergy to humans is usually due to our perfumes/washing detergents/soap.

how does an allergy manifest in cats? well, apparently it works exactly the same as it does with us – contact with the allergen triggers the release of histamines and then causes itchy eyes, runny noses and sneezing 🤧

so yeah, bit awks really 🙈 but if your cat or your friends cat happens to sneeze a lot around you, this could totally be the reason! 👍🏻

this was a pretty quick one today … but i found it amusing nonetheless (hopefully you did as well 😅)

laterz 👋🏻 #tdil


this was a different kind of facty goodness today … love a good animal fact 🙌🏻 feel like you want to learn some more fun stuff? you’d should totes go ->here<-

(i’ll be honest, this post was largely an excuse to post pictures of cute cats 😂 licenses are as follows – image one is ->here<-, image two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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