today i learned – thurs 8th feb 2018

we’re almost at an entire year of daily useless facts people … how exciting is that?! 😱😁

with that in mind, here’s another relatively pointless yet amusing fact 😂

#tdil that, in japan, having a sumo make your baby cry is considered good luck 🙌🏻

the japanese are so serious about this interesting way to bring good luck that they literally hold a festival every year where sumos make babies cry 😳 … there’s a referee and everything 😂

“why is there a referee?” i hear you cry! well, not only does the crying bring the little one good luck but it is also used as a measure to decide which baby is the winner 😎

you see, in the 400-year-old ‘naki zumo’ festival, the baby that cries the loudest and longest whilst held up in the air by a sumo is the victor … it’s japan, when don’t they do bizarre ♥️ #literallylovethem

this is where it starts to sound a bit mean 🙈 basically, the process consists of a sumo holding the baby up in the air to make it cry 😭 if the baby doesn’t play ball (cuz when do they?!) then the referee steps in with a traditional scary mask 👹 and makes loud noises! told you it was mean!

anyway, the upside of all of this is that the festival is said to be cathartic for the baby whilst also bringing the baby good health and scaring away evil spirits #emotionalrollercoaster.

appaz, the louder the baby cries the better it scares away spirits. with that logic and the amount that babies cry on a daily basis, how are there even any demons left?! 🤔

the festival takes place every year and coincides with japan’s ‘children day’ 😊. feel like you want your little sprout to take part? it’ll cost you a cool £70 to enter 😏

and here concludes another interesting yet ridiculous fact! 😁 hopefully you enjoyed peeps!

have a gooden’ 😜 #tdil


enjoy these japanese facts, they’re always proper interesting! #imo. fancy learning more random things and stuff? just take your pretty face over ->here<-

(image time! piccy one is ->here<-, piccy two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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