today i learned – weds 7th feb 2018

today, we’re delving into the scary world of regional dialect 😳

i can already feel the storm brewing in the comments section (lol jokes, need more than three readers for that 😂)

#tdil the reason why people from coventry call those small circular bread rolls a ‘batch’ 🍞

personally, i call those little bread things a ‘cob’ … therefore, i reserve the right to use it 🤷🏻‍♂️. if you’ve no idea what i’m on about, here is a picture of a batch or bread roll or cob or whatevs –

anyway, putting that debate aside, let’s get into the meat of today’s fact – the reason why the peeps of cov call it a ‘batch’ 🤔

turns out that it’s a term that found its roots during the war 💥. you see, coventry was a pretty important thing during ww2 … like, they were that important that they had their own blitz and churchill visited and everything! 😱

why was coventry so important? well, they were a major producer of ammunition and other war based stuff … of course, mr.hitler wasn’t a fan of that … hence the whole blowing it up thing 😅

anyhew, during that period, everyone and anyone that could possibly help with the munition creation was put to work! unfortunately, that meant lots of people needed paying at a time when there wasn’t all that much ££ to go around 🙄

as such, they started paying people in bread rolls 😁 … ‘batches’ of bread rolls, if you will 😏. i couldn’t really think of a big reveal for that 😂 but there you have your reason for the name!

people started referring to the cobs as batches from then on 😊 and it has stuck to this day!

it was actually my boss that taught me all about this fact 🙌🏻 she also taught me that the use of the word ‘batch’ is so localised that even the peeps in neighbouring nuneaton don’t use it!! 😳

that’s us done for another day! 😏 drop down into the comments below and let meh know what you call those tasty little bread rolls in your area! 😘

byeeee 👍🏻 #tdil


love a good fact about bread and war and the english language 😏 feel like you want to learn something else random? get your clicker and spam ->here<-

(image time! picture one is ->here<-, picture two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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