today i learned – tues 6th feb 2018

have you ever had a day where you feel totally extra? 🤔

well, today we’re discussing the king of being extra – elon musk 😎

#tdil that musk has successfully sent his tesla roadster into space 🚀 #becausewhynot 🤷🏻‍♂️

yep, you read that correctly, elon has launched his personal tesla roadster into space 😳 … not with a catapult or anything, it was totally planned – there was a rocket and everything 👍🏻

wondering what the point was? well, it was monsieur musk’s way of proving that his falcon heavy rocket was capable of carrying big heavy stuff into space 😏 … apparently the rocket can actually carry 63.8 tonnes, that’s the equivalent of 49 roadsters 💪🏻

this being space x, of course there is more to the plan than just firing a car into space – the rocket is off on its way to mars 🌕 where it will release the roadster and let the car fly around in mars’ orbit 🤓

beyond the whole sending a car to mars thing, what’s awesome about this little (massive) mission is that space x did it all with their quintessential sense of humour 😂

during the launch, the car played david bowie’s ‘space oddity’ through its speakers. there’s also a copy of ‘the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ and a towel with ‘don’t panic’ on it in the glovebox (that’s from the story appaz). topping it all off, there’s a dummy sat in the driver’s seat wearing a space x suit 👨🏻‍🚀. you gotta love space x 😂.

mad space mission aside, do you know what this whole thing proves? … elon musk has officially completed the game of life and is now just having a mess about 🙈 you know when you finish gta and then just doss about doing stupid stuff? yeah, that’s elon’s life now 😳

don’t believe me? last week, he used his tunnel making company (the boring company) to sell flamethrowers!? 🔥 like, who randomly decides to sell flamethrowers for lols!? 😅

mr.musk, we salute you! 🙌🏻

laterz peeps 😘 #tdil


i quite enjoyed today’s post 😏 it was all up-to-date with current news and stuff!? anyway, if you fancy reading more random shizz, take yo pretty face over ->here<-

(only a header image today … came from ->here<-)

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