today i learned – tues 30th jan 2018

for today’s fact, we’re going to discuss the correlation between ravens and the total destruction of london 😳

no really, there is apparently a legit connection between the two 🙈

#tdil that folklore says if there are less than six ravens at the tower of london, both london and the monarchy will collapse 😅

(yep, strap in peeps, like most of our lovely folklore facts this one is a tad out there 😂)

as usual with these folklore type deals, no one is really sure where this myth actually began … that said, there is one enduring theory … we’re going to go with that one 😉

apparently, the origins of this story can be found with king charles ii between 1660 and 1685. back then, the first royal observatory was located in the north eastern turret of the white tower.

it is said that the ‘astronomical observator’ at the time – john flamsteed – complained to the king that the ravens at the tower were getting in the way of his research and he wanted them gone 💀

however, before getting rid of the ravens, the king was advised (no one really knows who by … a witch? an advisor? his mate tony? 🤷🏻‍♂️) that if the ravens left the tower, a great disaster would befall the kingdom and monarchy 🤴🏻

obvs he withdrew his orders to destroy the ravens and instead ordered that at least six ravens must be kept at the tower of london at all times … you know, to avoid the whole total london destruction thing 😅

for this reason, six ravens are still kept at the tower to this day … they have their own ‘raven master’ to look after them and everything! 🦅

after copious amounts of research, it seems that they are a really important bit of british folklore … yet, i didn’t even know this was a thing until today! 🙃

anyway, this has got really long 🙈 so let’s end it here! 😜 you’ve already had all of the good stuff 🤷🏻‍♂️ hopefully you’ve enjoyed! 😁

laters y’all 😏 #tdil


this turned into a much longer fact than i expected 😅 if your brain still works and you feel like reading more stuff, just got ->here<-

(image license time! header is ->here<-, image one is ->here<-, image two is ->here<- and image three is ->here<-)

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