today i learned – thurs 25th jan 2018

remember the flying car that was in the jetsons? 🤔 #retro

well, thanks to a new course, you could soon be qualified to engineer flying cars just like it 😳

#tdil that there will soon be an online course where you can gain a degree in ‘flying car engineering’ ✈️

it truly is a brave new world 🤓 who doesn’t want to be qualified in something that is, at the mo, fairly irrelevant? 😅 #awks

regardless of how useful it currently is, the course actually sounds pretty awesome 👍🏻 over two 12-week terms, students will learn everything from aerial robotics to intelligent air systems … both of which sound genuinely interesting!

the degree is the brainchild of sebastian thrun, an ex-stanford university professor and the dude that headed up google’s self-driving car project 🚗 … so it’s definitely being headed up by someone who knows their shizz 😏

not convinced? seb also runs a company called ‘kitty hawk’ that aims to make personal flying machines a thing 🙌🏻 (basically giving all the peeps that do this course somewhere to work 😅)

the course starts in feb and is available through e-learning website udacity 😊. if you’re interested, it’s not even that expensive 😁 costing just £999 per 12-week term 👍🏻

so yeah, if you fancy doing a degree in technology that doesn’t even remotely exist yet, this is totally the one for you 😏 #yourewelcome

i’ll be honest, this wasn’t the most useful post ever 🙈 but at least you’ll have something to discuss at the pub 🤷🏻‍♂️

i’m off to enjoy some mad fish at the sealife centre now 🐠🦐🐟 … enjoy yo day 😘

peace 😜 #tdil


how many of you are going to apply for this sick degree? 😏 whilst you decide, why don’t you go read some more awesome facts ->here<-

(picture license time! the header is ->here<-, the first piccy is ->here<- and the second one is ->here<-)

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