today i learned – mon 22nd jan 2018

so, according to facebook (the true source of all knowledge), it was national cheese lovers day today 🙌🏻

i’ll be honest, i don’t know which nation … but here’s a fact about cheese 🤷🏻‍♂️

#tdil eating cheese before bed can actually help you sleep 😱🧀

i know right … isn’t that just against everything you’ve ever been told?! 😳 i’ve always been told that eating cheese before bed just gives you mental dreams?!

well, apparently, no one is actually sure about the whole nightmare thing 😅 they (clever people) are sure, however, that it does in fact help you to sleep better 😁

you see, science shows that calcium actually helps the brain to use tryptophan found in dairy to make melatonin … the natural hormone that helps to trigger sleep 😴

(as it’s the dairy that works the magic, this fact extends to milk and stuff too 😉)

so yeah, go forth and eat lots of cheese before bed 😏 … it’ll help you sleep and might give you some mental dreams 😂 it’s a win win 😜

there isn’t much else to say about this, if i’m honest 🙈 i guess it’s just another one of those ‘forget what you’ve been told’ things 😁 i like bringing you these 🙌🏻

i hope you enjoyed!

laterz 😍 #tdil


i quite enjoy facts like this 👍🏻 if you feel like reading some more goodness (some like this) then just go ->here<-

(picture goodness time … picture one is ->here<-, picture two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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