today i learned – sat 20th jan 2018

i actually get to write about what i’m good at today – car stuff 😁

well, kinda … it’s more a fact about a box on wheels than anything 🙈

#tdil that toyota want to start filling our streets with self-driving boxes 🙄

to be honest, as much as i dislike the thought of all of our roads being filled with self-driving rubbish, it’s actually a pretty good idea 🤷🏻‍♂️

the concept is called ‘e-palette’ and it basically sees toyota building and selling empty boxes to companies that can be filled with whatever they want 👍🏻

they teamed up with some pretty big names to make it happen 😏 think the likes of amazon, pizza hut and uber!

their plan is to let companies fill the boxes with allllll the good stuff … pizza hut could fill a box with pizza ovens, uber could fill it with comfy chairs/tellyboxes/etc and amazon could fill the thing to the rafters with deliveries 🙌🏻 … they even have plans for an autonomous hotel box!

each box would come in three different sizes and features autonomous tech, so that nobody has to be in control 🤷🏻‍♂️ … cutting costs left and right!

that’s about it to be honest … like, the box is on display at the mo at this year’s ces show in vegas … why not take a trip over and see it? 🙈

laters people 😂

byeeee 😍 #tdil


i’m going to continue watching star wars now 🙌🏻 enjoy the rest of yo day 😁 if you fancy reading some more shizz, just go ->here<-

(all of today’s images came from toyota’s press room 😁 they can be found ->here<-)

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