today i learned – thurs 18th jan 2018

for reasons that i’m not going to explain right now, my phone is currently filled with otter memes 😂

long story short … my hunt for the best otter memes led me to this fact 😎

#tdil otters have a pouch under their forearms for storing shizz 😏

from what i can figure out, otters basically have built-in pockets! 😱 they have folds of loose skin across their chests that create a pouch under each forearm.

they use these pockets for storing things 👍🏻 like food that they’ve found on their adventures. apparently, they prefer to use the pocket on the left (yep, they have a favourite pocket).

adorably, another thing that they keep in their pocket is their favourite rock 🙊 this is individual to each otter. otters use their favourite rock to crack open shellfish and clams #becauseclever 🙌🏻

like, i don’t know why, but the fact otters have pockets and a favourite rock … i now find them even cuter 😍 i literally didn’t even think that was possible!

anyway, shorter one today 🤷🏻‍♂️ regardless, it’s totally the cutest post we’ve ever had on the blog #achievementunlocked ♥️

on that note, i’m off 👍🏻

ta rah ✋🏻 #tdil


i can guarantee you that there is nothing else this cute on this blog 😅 that said, you should totally read more posts ->here<-

(all of today’s images are memes … so i’m not really sure who owns them or who needs crediting 😳 don’t memes just belong to the internet? meh, they’re owned by their original creators? 🤷🏻‍♂️)

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