today i learned – fri 12th jan 2018

we’re back on to sharks again today and i couldn’t be more jazzed 😁

it also helps that this fact actually blew my mind … like, literally made it explode 😱

#tdil that the greenland shark 🦈 can live for over 500 years 😳

how darn incredible is that?! like, imagine what they must see over that amount of time 🤔 … (probably lots of fish and ice 😂)

apparently there’s very little that we know about the greenland shark 🙄 but scientists have worked out how long they live for … it’s actually really simple 😅

you see, they grow really really slowly – around 1cm or 2cm a year … typically, greenland sharks grow to be around 400cm or 500cm … if-so-facto 400/500 years of life!! 😁

makes pretty solid sense 😂 even i could come up with that 🙈 that said, there is some other science involved 🙌🏻

usually, when scientists want to determine the age of something, they would analyse calcified tissue … however, there’s a severe shortage of that in greenland sharks 😅 #awks

instead, scientists had to get creative and apply radiocarbon dating techniques to the eye lenses of certain sharks 😏 what they found was basically that the average greenland shark lives to be 272 years old!

can you imagine living for that long?! think of the things that you could do 🤔 (as a human … sharks don’t really do much 🙃)

with that in mind … i’m going to leave you to enjoy your day 🙌🏻

laterz 😊 #tdil


shark facts are the actual one 🦈 we need more of these 😁 if you fancy reading more (none-shark) facts, just go ->here<-

(licenses for image as per! header is ->here<- and the other image is ->here<-)

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