today i learned – thurs 11th jan 2018

i’ll be honest, this is one of the best things that i’ve ever read … mainly because i’m always late 😅

if, like me, you struggle to wake up in the morning … this one is for you 😘

#tdil that science says people who hit the snooze button are more intelligent, more creative and happier than peeps who don’t 🙌🏻

now, i’m very aware that studies like this come out every other week … one day, sleeping is good for you and the next it’s the worst thing ever 🙈 however! this one works in my favour 😂 so we’re going to look into it 👍🏻

various studies have basically found that it takes a clever person to deal with the snooze button first thing in the morn.

basically, our evolution tells us that we are much more suited to going to bed early and then getting up early in the morning – that’s what our ancestors did. that means that our brains shouldn’t be adapted to dealing with a new invention like the snooze button 😏

that means that it takes a clever person to figure out what to do when that dreaded alarm sounds 🙈 (yeah, i know, it’s strange science … but it kind of makes sense?)

it gets even more fluffy when you consider the other two elements – happiness and creativity 😅 …

the study basically says that when normal peeps stick to the hard and fast rules of the man and the alarm clock, they’re probably not all that chill.

however, those of us who ignore our alarm clock and listen to our internal body clock #anarchy are also more likely to ignore society and go after our dreams! therefore … we’re happier and more creative 🙃

lol … it definitely feels that the scientists involved have clutched at straws (probably because they’re always late). that said, i’m also always late, so i’m 100% going to go with it 😏

this was a lot longer than planned … so i’m totally going now! 😂 hope you enjoyed!

peace out 😍 #tdil


yaaaaaaay, another sick fact down! 😁 if you feel like reading some more, you should just head ->here<-

(picture time! the header image is ->here<-, the first image is ->here<- and the second is ->here<-)

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