today i learned – tues 9th jan 2018

if i’m honest, i’m not really sure where today’s fact sits upon the ladder of useless facts 🤔

either way, i thought it was awesome … and there’s a sick video, so … 😏

#tdil bmw just set two new world records and refuelled a car mid-way through a skid! 😱

the best bit of this fact has to be the video that bmw made (which is awesome) … so i’m pretty much going to lead with that 😂. if you feel like reading stuff afterwards … then you can 😘

how gosh darn amazing is that!? like, refuelling a v8 beast through the use of a tandem mad skid?! 😁 it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever 🙌🏻 i mean, it’s cool when fighter jets do it … but drifting cars are even more awesome 😱

aside from that pretty amazing feat of driving excellence, the record they were actually trying to break was the greatest distance vehicle drift in eight hours … yep, that means eight hours of none-stop skids 😏

amazingly, they rocked it 🙌🏻 bmw driving instructor johan schwartz drifted for an entire eight hours and covered a mental 232.5 miles 😂 … that’s a whole 143 miles further than the previous record #overachieving

if that wasn’t enough, their little tandem manoeuvre managed to secure them the world record for the longest twin vehicle drift (water assisted) … i still think that this one was an accident 🙈

but yeah, they tandem drifted for a total of an hour and 49.25 miles 👍🏻

this one ended up being longer than planned 😅 but at least it’s awesome 😜 this is deffo one to beast out at the pub 🙌🏻

right, i’m off to bed 😁 catch you tomorrow peeps,

byeeee 😊 #tdil


i quite enjoyed this one today 😏 love a good mad skid 👍🏻 if you want to learn some facts about other random stuff, just go ->here<-

(all pictures from the bmw usa press room ->here<-)

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