today i learned – sun 7th jan 2018

i legit stumbled across this fact by accident 🙈 it’s worlds apart from what i was after 🙃

i actually wanted to find something ridiculous about pot noodle … but yeah …

#tdil that some hummingbirds are lighter than a penny 😱

that’s a pretty mental fact, isn’t it?! like, pennies are really small and really rather light … so how can an animal be lighter?!

probably a silly question 😂 anyway, a penny tends to weigh around 3-4 grams 💰 and hummingbirds tend to weigh anywhere between 1.6-20 grams 🦅 (there isn’t a hummingbird emoji)

now, of course, it totally depends on the species 🙈 giant hummingbirds come in at the top of the scale, weighing around 20 grams whilst bee hummingbirds sit at the low end 😁

bee hummingbirds actually sound super cute and i didn’t know they were a thing! they’re just 5-6cm long 😍 … which is comparable to an actual bumble bee 😱 they weigh in at anywhere between 1.6-1.9 grams.

soooooo, darn cute – i literally want one in my life 😏 although, i would totally lose it really quickly … like, hamsters are hard enough to keep at times 😂

anyway, i’m rambling 😅 so let’s end here 😊

much love 😍 #tdil


loving life with this little animal fact 🙌🏻 do you feel like you want some more little fact nuggets? i got you some more ->here<-

(it’s time for picture licenses again! the header is ->here<-, the first image is ->here<- and the final image is ->here<-)

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