today i learned – sat 6th jan 2018

i picked up today’s fact whilst watching an incredibly depressing program about animals 😢

like, it was horrendous! everything kept getting eaten 😥 … regardless, found this good stuff out 👍🏻

#tdil that beavers have iron in their teeth and therefore it’s harder for them to get cavities! 💪🏻 #winning

yep, much like wolverine, epic metal mixed with standard biology has once again had a fantastic effect on the world 🙌🏻 well … for beavers at least 🙈

so, how does it work? well, your tooth enamel is made up of lots and lots of crystalline nanowires with a kind of special glue between each. it’s on the special ‘glue’ that you’ll find fluoride … the special substance that works to prevent the daily attack on enamel and the appearance of cavities 😥

now, this is where beavers have the advantage 😏 their enamel is contains iron-enriched glue 🙌🏻 iron is even more acid-resistant than what we have 😎 #showoffs

now, whilst beavers might find it easier to fend off cavities and they have mad strong teeth that can chew through stuff … it isn’t all a good time 🙈.

you see, the iron in their teeth means that they will always have reddish-brown teeth 🙄 so, you know, it’s not all a win 😂

i’ll be honest, i’m not entirely sure how useful this post will be to anyone 🙈 but at least it’s a thing 🙌🏻

right, that’s us done for another day 😏

enjoy 😎 #tdil


yaaaaaay, another fun animal fact 😁 fancy reading some more facts about random stuff? just head ->here<-

(license time! the header is ->here<-, the first image is ->here<- and the second one ->here<-)

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