today i learned – tues 2nd jan 2018

totally wrote the wrong year again 🙃 i feel like that is going to happen quite a lot this month … bear with me 🐻

anyway, for today’s fact, we’re venturing forth into the realm of fashion 😏

#tdil the reason why ‘dogtooth’ is called ‘dogtooth’ 🐶

before we get started, i actually also learned that the correct term for dogtooth is actually ‘houndstooth’ 🤔 i’ve never heard that before … so that’s a bonus fact 😂

now, if you’ve never seen the dogtooth pattern before, it’s basically a print that features a two-tone pattern … you know what, there’s a picture above 🙃 that’s just easier 🙈

apparently, it originated in scotland and is named ‘dogtooth’ or ‘houndstooth’ for the simple reason that it was inspired by the uneven shape of a dog’s nashers 👍🏻

that’s literally everything 😅 this was a lot shorter than expected 😳 i genuinely didn’t expect this to be as simple as it is 🙈

i guess that means we’re done for another day! 😜 catch you tomozza 😘

goodbyeeeee 🙌🏻 #tdil


this was one of those that i’ve been curious about for ages! i hope that you liked 👍🏻 i you want to learn some more stuff, go ->here<-

(images! the header is ->here<- and the doggo is ->here<-)

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