today i learned – mon 1st jan 2018

that’s the first time that i’ve written 2018 and it feels mental! 😂

happy new year everyone! let’s start as we mean to go on and get to something fascinating 😏

#tdil that the oldest ice sheet in antarctica is a whole 1.5million years old! 😱

well, it’s believed to be that old … which is actually insane!? like, how can something be that old 🙈

now, i know that it’s just frozen water that’s really old but i find old things fascinating 😂

anyway, the reason for the massive age numbers when it comes to the age of ice sheets in antarctica is that it’s so cold there that the ice never melts 👍🏻

this particular super old ice sheet is located in eastern antarctica, is about three kilometres thick and is really helpful to scientists when it comes to studying things like global warming 🙃.

you see, older ice sheets can tell scientists more about the effects of increased co2 over a long period of time because they’ve been around for longer 👍🏻 the information that they gather can be used to give them an idea of what the future may hold 🤔

interesting, huh? 😏 old stuff is cool 🙌🏻 on that note, i think we’re done here for today 😁

i hope you’ve had a good start to yo year 😘

peace out 😊 #tdil


one down, 364 more to go until next year 🙈 if you fancy reading more fancy stuff like this, just go ->here<-

(time for picture licenses! image one is ->here<-, image two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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