today i learned – thurs 28th dec 2017

right! it’s been a little while since we did this, but today we’re getting weird 😏

who doesn’t love a weird fact about animals?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

#tdil a kitten was recently born with two faces 😳

now, some may say greedy … but i say right one 👊 who wouldn’t want two faces?! that said, i’m not on time trying to get ready with one face … soooo 🙃

anyway, the lovely little kitten in question has been named ‘bettie bee’ and apparently she’s doing pretty well 😁. she was born on the 12th december and has three eyes, two mouths and two noses #supersmellpowers

originally, vets advised that she should be put down 😢 but one fantastic anonymous peep said “erm, no 💁🏻‍♀️” and adopted her 🙂.

according to news stories, said fantastic human has looked after many cats/kittens with special needs cats (is that politically correct? 😳) and therefore bettie is in good hands 👍🏻

despite the two mouths, bettie only has one stomach, so her rescuer feeds her through a tube every two hours … alternating between mouths.

despite the fact i’ve never heard of anything like this before, two-faced cats do happen 😳 they even have a scientific name and everything – janus cats.

usually, janus cats die at a young age 😢 but bettie’s carer says that she’s definitely a fighter and is showing promising signs … growing and progressing in the exact way a #standard kitten would 🙌🏻

hopefully bettie will continue on her good path for a long time to come! 😁 you got dis bettie! 😏

right, that’s us done for another day … i’m incredibly disappointed that i didn’t fit the phrase “two heads are better than one” into this post 🙄 … oh well 😒

have a gooden’ 😜 #tdil


this is possibly one of my fave posts for a while 🙂 enjoyed writing this one 👍🏻 if you fancy reading more things like this, just go ->here<-

(all images came from the bettie bee faceballs page 🙌🏻 please be good humans and go forth and like it ->here<-)

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