today i learned – fri 22nd dec 2017

tonight’s fact made me lol rather a lot 😂 due to the fact that it is irony at its very finest 🙈

let’s get on it …

#tdil that the patent for the fire hydrant was lost in a fire 😅

because of the above, it isn’t actually verifiable who invented the fire hydrant! like, how brilliant is that 🙈 the guy or gal who invented something to destroy fires will never be verifiable due to a fire 😂

the story goes that the typical fire hydrant that we know and love was invented by a dude named frederick graff … but the patent was destroyed in 1836, when the washington d.c. patent office suffered a fire 🔥

turns out that fred was pretty active in the world of fire-fighting tools … he apparently invented all sorts of things like water-filled cauldrons and underground tanks.

it feels like it all just makes it even more ironic that one of his greatest and most revolutionary inventions will never be officially his … because of the very thing he was trying to prevent! 🙄

anyway, today’s was super short but i really enjoyed it 😂 i hope that you did too!

goodnight 😘 #tdil


just a quick one tonight 👍🏻 if you fancy reading some more good stuff, you should totally go ->here<-

(license time 😬 … first image is ->here<- and the second/header is ->here<-)

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