today i learned – thurs 21st dec 2017

so, i just watched the final of the apprentice 2017 🙌🏻 (no spoilers in this post)

oddly i didn’t learn the kind of thing that you’d expect from a program about serious business 😂

#tdil that lobsters mate for life … kinda 🙄🦀 … like, not in the way you expect 🙃

so, if you’ve seen the final, then you’ll already know that at one point, elizabeth says that ‘lobsters mate for life’ … i found this interesting 👍🏻 however, it isn’t strictly true.

you see, female lobsters do mate with the same male … however, the dude gets around … a lot 😳

a load of female lobsters will mate with the dominant male in the area. basically, the dude has a continuous chain of females that he mates with … each stay with him for a couple of weeks at a time.

what happens is – a female will go to where the male lives and waft her urine filled with pheromones into his house (rude). this slowly breaks the dude down and makes him not moody. once he sufficiently chill and up to mating, he lets the lady lobster in.

the female then sheds her exoskeleton (has a big man to protect her 💪🏻) and the mating happens. she then chills at his for a couple of weeks until her new she’ll hardens.

once her shell is hard, she leaves … only for the process to start again with another female almost instantly! 😳 this literally just keeps going on 🙈

so yeah, when elizabeth said that lobsters mate for life, she wasn’t wrong 😅 but she also wasn’t completely right 🙈 … male lobsters are massive whores 😂

yaaaaaay! another blue planet/apprentice fact 😁 i hope that you enjoyed 😏. i didn’t sleep all that much last night 😅 so i’m gonna go!

catch ya tomozza 😜 #tdil


literally love a good ole fact about animals 🙌🏻 if you fancy learning more, then you need to go ->here<-

(pictures!! the first image can be found ->here<-, the second image is ->here<- and the final image/header is ->here<-)

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