today i learned – tues 19th dec 2017

last night, i had a rather nice night with my mother watching the all-new star wars movie 🙌🏻

so yeah, loosely star wars inspired space fact incoming 😏

#tdil that if two pieces of the same type of metal touch in space, they will permanently be stuck together 😳

(i did look for star wars facts … but none of the ones i found really jumped out at me 🙄 this one, however, did 🙌🏻)

anyway! this mad process is called ‘cold welding’ and it happens due to the whole ‘space being super empty’ thing 😏

you see, on earth, all metals have a thin layer of oxidised metal on the surface due to the oxygen that we have in our atmosphere. due to this, if two identical metals touch, they don’t stick together.

in space, however, there is no atmosphere (and no one hears you scream). the lack of atmosphere means no oxygen and no layer of oxidisation 👍🏻

that means that the two pieces of metal can touch proper with no interruption … the atoms of each piece then have no way of knowing that they are a different piece of metal, so the whole thing just fuses together as one!

now, i’m aware that’s a very simple way of explaining it 🙈 but this blog is all about learning things easily! 😬

on that note, it’s time for more working and more learning 🙌🏻

laterz y’all 🤓 #tdil


how mental is this fact today?! metals just magically stick together in space?! if you’d like some more stuff like this, just go ->here<-

(i like facts like this because images are easy 😂 licenses are as follows – picture one is ->here<-, picture two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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