today i learned – mon 18th dec 2017

now, i know that it’s almost christmas and we’ve had lots of christmas facts recently …

but we’re going totally un-christmas today 😅

#tdil that the original basketball hoops didn’t have a hole in the bottom 😂

yeahhhhh, i know it’s a bit weird and impractical, but it’s totally the truth ⛹🏻‍♀️ the original hoops didn’t let the ball fall all the way through … in fact they didn’t fall even part way through 🙃

you see, to begin with, they played basketball with soccer balls ⚽️ but whenever someone took a shot and got a basket, the ball would just get caught in the basket 😂

every single time someone scored, they literally had to stop the game and have someone climb up a ladder to retrieve the ball 🏀 how darn annoying must that have been?!

as you can imagine, people got pretty tired of that rather quickly 🙄 so, they decided to cut a hole in the bottom. that isn’t the end though 🙈 they didn’t think to cut a hole big enough for the ball to fall through … so someone still had to get a stick and poke the ball back out 😂

eventually, they created the basketball hoop that we know and love today, but still … how did it take that long!? 😳 it doesn’t take much to think “um, maybe the ball should fall all the way through 🤔” lololololol

it’s a quick one today … but i found it funny 😂 hopefully you did as well 🙈

peace out ✌🏻 #tdil


i’m sure we’ll be back to xmas facts tomozza 👍🏻 in the meantime, go forth and read more goodness ->here<-

(as usual, time for licenses! first image is ->here<- and the second image/header is ->here<-)

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