today i learned – thurs 14th dec 2017

with the current weather situation, today’s fact seems pretty relevant 🙄

i mean, for most of the week i’ve been unable to actually get to work due to snow and/or ice 😅❄️

#tdil exactly how gritting the roads actually helps to get rid of icy bad times ☃️

i think we’ve probably all seen the army of gritting lorries that patrol the uk’s roads when the cold weather begins (they’re usually throwing salt at my car and making me want to cry 😢)

but have you ever wondered exactly what they’re doing? like, how does throwing grit on the road get rid of the cold stuff and prevent any more forming?

well, the stuff that is falling from the gritters, bouncing off the road and making a horrible noise on your car is actually rock salt. they spread this because it dissolves and raises the salinity of the ice/snow … this subsequently lowers the road’s freezing point 👍🏻 #winning

this lowered freezing point causes existing snow and ice to melt whilst also making it less likely that a new layer of ice can form on the road 😁.

but wait! there’s more! the grit mixture also consists of … well … grit 😂. grit is a mixture of sand and stones that helps car tyres to grip to the road when it’s a bit treacherous … you know, because it’s all rough 😏

apparently, there’s a real science to when the army of gritters should be deployed – if the roads are dry, then grit will blow away … if there’s too much snow/ice, grit isn’t effective. the perfect time is when the roads are a little wet 👍🏻 this causes the grit to stick to the road and work it’s magic 🙌🏻

right, this post is getting far too long for something written about sand and salt 😂 for that reason, i think we’re done here for today 😅

laters y’all 😜 #tdil


this is possibly the first time this blog has actually been almost relevant to current affairs 😂 … if you fancy learning more goodness, just go ->here<-

(time for picture licenses 🙄 … first image is ->here<-, the second image is ->here<- and the final picture/header is ->here<- … i actually couldn’t find a picture of a gritter 😒)

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