today i learned – tues 12th dec 2017

due to my sheer un-organisation, we’ve gone back to night posts again 🤔 i’m not sure i like them 🙃

anyway, the grand tour is back on our tellyboxes 🙌🏻 it’s thanks to that fact that we have today’s little nugget 😏

#tdil that motorsport is banned in switzerland 😢 (well, for the most part 😅)

i once visited the wondrous country of switzerland and literally fell in love with the place 😍 it’s beautiful and is home to some insane roads #perfection

i wasn’t aware, however, that they didn’t allow motorsport?! 😢 for that reason, i don’t think i could ever live there 😭

the ban has actually been in place for a really long time … since 1955 to be exact 😱 the reason for said ban is a rather disastrous crash that happened at le mans in the same year 😢

now, when i (and the grand tour peeps) say that motorsport is banned … what we actually mean is that circuit racing and most other activities are banned; as you’ll see if you watch the grand tour, hillclimb events are one of the activities that aren’t banned.

that said, somehow formula e has once again managed to sweet talk their way into the impossible … next year, the rules will be relaxed to allow for an actual formula e race in zurich?! 🏎 (formula e keeps managing stuff like that?! 🤔)

right, there isn’t much else to say about this 🙈 and for that reason, i’m going to bed 😴 dat sleep is needed 🙃

byeeeee 😜 #tdil


this one felt a bit short … was still pretty interesting though 👍🏻 meh, if you fancy more random facts, just go ->here<-

(picture time 📷 … the first stunning picture is ->here<-, the ferrari racing car is ->here<- and the super cool z4 picture that is also the header is ->here<-)

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