today i learned – sun 10th dec 2017

right! it’s the final blue planet special today 😢 the magic has finished once more 😭

unlike the other specials that we’ve had, this one is going to honour the magical people that made the show! 🎥📺

#tdil that the many crews of blue planet 2 had a few very close calls 😳

it’s true! a little research has found that we owe a whole lot of thanks to the worldwide crew that set out on the 125 expeditions required to make the show 😱 (that’s a whole lot of expeditions 😂)

want some examples? well, the first was seen on the episode that explored the deep ocean 🦑 … when producer orla doherty’s submarine starting letting in water at 450m! (that’s 45mins from the surface 😅). luckily, the cool as a cucumber pilot and crew member sorted the issue 😏

another close moment came when a walrus decided to rear-up and attack the crew! luckily, the only damage was a couple of tusk made dents in one of the cameras 🎥 thanks to one of the crew managing to move the equipment super quickly 😬

it wasn’t just possible mad submarine death and equipment damage that was endured however … one of the crew also went through immense pain! 😷

one of the cameramen got poisoned during the reefs episode after being stung by a stonefish #notideal. according to producer jonathan smith, he’s “never seen someone in so much pain, so quickly” 😶.

luckily, the crew had boiling water on their boat and were able to use it to breakdown the poison 👍🏻. apparently, that boiling water managed to stop the pain … but it didn’t stop the cameraman having a black finger for weeks!

and there we go – the crew of the blue planet 2 are actual legends 💪🏻 thank you all for your commitment 😬 … you’re all mega-awesome 😍

anyway, on that note, i’m going to go to bed and reevaluate my career 😂

laterz 🤷🏻‍♂️ #tdil


i’m going to miss these blue planet facts 😢 anyway, if you fancy reading more good stuff, you need to go ->here<-

(time for more image licenses! the first image can be found ->here<-, the second image can be found ->here<-, the third image is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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