today i learned – sat 9th dec 2017

slightly later one today, soz peeps 😅 … meh, it’s totally worth it 💁🏻‍♀️

it’s one of those that seems pretty ridiculous and is met with far too much controversy for what it is 😂

#tdil the lighter was invented before matches 🔥 (well, kind of 🤔)

when i say ‘kind of’ it’s due to differing opinions that depend on people’s definition of ‘lighter’ … basically, it isn’t what you consider a traditional lighter to be 🙃 but it is a mechanical device that makes fire 👍🏻 (the definition of lighter in the dictionary).

anyway, the first lighter came about in 1823 when a german chemist called johann wolfgang dobereiner invented ‘dobereiner’s lamp’. it was a lamp that took advantage of a reaction between hydrogen and a platinum sponge.

that said, even before johann came up with his lamp, there were ‘lighters’ around. they appeared in the 16th century and were actually just converted flintlock pistols 😬

right, matches! the first match didn’t arrive until 1826 when a brit named john walker invented it 🇬🇧. john invented matchsticks that you had to strike to light … prior to that, people had fire on sticks, but the sticks had to be lit by another source.

and there you have it 🙌🏻 the lighter did technically come before the match! maybe this little story could help us decide whether the chicken or the egg came first? 🤔 #hmmmm

right, i’m off to look at snow 🌨

much love 😍 #tdil


i actually really enjoyed this little fact 🤙🏻 hope you did too … if you did, why not go read more ->here<-

(images! the awesome matchstick house (and header) is ->here<-, the lighter is ->here<- and the beautiful fire is ->here<- … you’ll notice they’re a different wayaround, i rearranged 😂)

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