today i learned – fri 8th Dec 2017

last night, i watched an amazing documentary about the arch that they’ve put over chernobyl 😱 it was crazy amazing.

that said, today’s fact isn’t about chernobyl, it’s about something one of the builders mentioned 🙈

#tdil that the eiffel tower has to be repainted every seven years 🗼 (that looks kind of eiffel tower-ish)

the reason for it needing repainting every seven years is to protect it from rust 👍🏻 … a rusty eiffel tower eventually ends up a falling down eiffel tower 😅 #awks

due to this fairly regular repainting exercise (that takes 25 painters 15 months 😳) the eiffel tower has actually been a few different colours 😏

when it was completed in 1889, it was actually a reddish-brown colour. a decade later, however, it was repainted yellow! then it was yellow-brown and then chestnut brown 🙈. in 1968 it was painted a special ‘eiffel tower brown’ and that is the colour that it remains today.

they actually use three different shades of brown on the eiffel tower … they get progressively lighter as you get higher so that the eiffel tower’s shape is emphasised against the sky 😍

right, real short one today … but it’s possibly one of the most informative that we’ve had in a while 😂

hope you enjoyed peeps!

bye bye for now 🤙🏻 #tdil


after weird facts about showjumping rabbits, this was a nice change 😅 if you fancy some more good stuff, just go ->here<-

(right, it’s time for more picture licenses 👍🏻 first image is ->here<- and the second image/header is ->here<-)

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