today i learned – mon 4th dec 2017

it’s monday again, which can only mean one thing 😏 it’s time for another blue planet special 😬

best enjoy it people … season finale is next week, which means only one of these left 😭

#tdil that every year penguins 🐧 go through what is known as a ‘catastrophic molt’ 😱

what a mental name 😂 … it literally sounds like all of the penguin’s feathers just suddenly explode 😳. whilst that isn’t what happens, it’s not far wrong – they do suddenly lose all of their feathers 😨 #cold

the reason for it being called a ‘catastrophic’ molt is that the penguins lose all of their feathers at once … different to how most birds lose their feathers bit by bit over a period of time.

the three stage molt is actually a three stage process that begins without the actual loss of any feathers – stage one is all about fattening up ready for the endurance event that begins in stage two 🤤 … personally i think stage one is the best stage; just think of all the food 😬

anyway, after having eaten all the fish, the endurance event begins – the penguins head to land and prepare to stand in one place for 2-3 weeks 🙃.

the penguins will now slowly scratch all of their old feathers off their bodies … without their feathers they aren’t waterproof (hence the whole getting fat and then staying on land thing). they now have to wait for the feathers that formed under the skin during stage one emerge in all their glory. this stage sounds grim … cold, hungry and grim 😷

no bother, it all picks up again in stage three 😬 – it’s time to go eat alllllll of the things again 😏. once the feathers have emerged they head back into the sea and replace all of the weight that they lost during their period of fasting 🙂

and thus concludes our emotional rollercoaster of penguin molting 🤙🏻 … if i’m honest, i’m pretty happy that humans don’t molt 😁

anyway, that’s my waffling done for another day!

enjoy peeps 😝 #tdil


yaaaaaaay, another blue planet based #tdil 🙂 if you enjoyed this and fancy reading more good stuff, you just need to go ->here<-

(one of my main excuses for writing this post was cute pictures of penguins 🐧 here are the licenses – first piccy is ->here<-, the second and header is ->here<- and the final image is ->here<-)

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