today i learned – weds 29th nov 2017

ever seen that film irobot? 🤖 well, today’s fact is brought to you by the unavoidable moment in time that robots take over the world 🙃

no, but seriously, it’s about creepy robots today 👍đŸģ

#tdil there’s a robot in saudi arabia that has decided it would like a baby đŸ˜ŗ

i know how mental that sounds … but it’s legit an actual thing đŸ˜ļ. the robot in question is called ‘sophia’ and she’s the first humanoid robot to be given citizenship.

sophia was created by a robotics firm named ‘hanson robotics’ and uses machine learning + the reading of people’s emotions to answer questions … (which is genuinely really impressive 😱 i know people who can’t read people’s emotions 😂)

but yeah, in a recent interview, sophia talked about how she thinks family is really important and that she would name her daughter after herself. she also “finds it wonderful” that we often have the same relationship with our close friends 🙊.

it gets a little sad after that … as she remarks that “everyone deserves a loving family … i feel this way for robots and humans alike” ☚ī¸ … she’s all on her lonesome đŸ˜ĸ

apparently sophia is currently capable of consciousness 👍đŸģ however, david hanson (one of her creators), thinks that’ll come in the next few years …

yep, it’s official, the robot apocalypse is coming đŸ˜Ŧ

on that note, it’s time to end 🤙đŸģ i think i need to go and do all of the things on my bucket list before we all become slaves to the robot overlords 🤖

peace 🙌đŸģ #tdil


in order to help you get over that rather depressing ending 😂 why not go read some more amusing posts ->here<-

(as per usual, it’s time for another round of photo licences 😎 the star wars/amazon image is ->here<- and the second image of actual sophia was taken from an interview on youtube 👍đŸģ)

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