today i learned – mon 27th nov 2017

hey look! the blog has a whole new aesthetic 😏 looks pretty sick doesn’t it 😎

anyway, important stuff! it’s time for another blue planet special 🐠

#tdil about the importance of seagrass and how it might just save the world 😱

so, it turns out that in some places like australia, there are huge fields of underwater grass 🌱 … they’re actually known as seagrass meadows and they’re really super important 👍🏻

not only do they make up almost the entire diet of sea turtles 🐢 but they’re also really good at helping to save the world from climate change 😬

wondering how good seagrass is? well, clever scientist peeps have found that seagrass is 35 times more effective at absorbing carbon dioxide than rainforests! 🌴

who’d have thought it?! some humble underwater grass is more effective than the rainforest at saving the world 😱 … it’s definitely more effective than toyota’s prius 💁🏻‍♀️

that’s pretty much everything 🙈 i mean, we could go on for hours about how cool seagrass is and why we need to save it … but i think those title figures pretty much sum it up 😅. if you are interested in reading some in-depth goodness, go ->here<-

as such, that’s another blue planet special complete! 😬

ta rahhh 🐠 #tdil


i should probably start watching blue planet the day that it’s on 😂 anyway, if you want more sick facts, just go ->here<- 😎

(image license time! the sea turtle came from ->here<- and the picture of the australian ocean (also the header) is ->here<-)

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