today i learned – sun 26th nov 2017

finally watched the good, the bad and the ugly today 🤠 … what a film! 😱

in a strange but great coincidence, that actually blends well with what i learned today 😏 get ready for cowboy based goodness.

#tdil that the story portrayed in the latest guinness advert is actually a legit thing 🙂

i’m pretty sure that i’m not alone when i say that the current guinness advert that contains all of the horses, is one of the best on tv at the mo 🙌🏻. if you don’t know which i mean, here it is:

it portrays a pretty incredible story that i really hoped was actually real … turns out that it is 😬 and those peeps with horses that are shown on screen are known as the ‘compton cowboys’.

a town that is best known for gangster music and a previously high murder rate, it seems pretty mad to think that it’s still a cowboy town!

the compton cowboys are actually part of the ‘compton jr. posse’ … a place that offers young people equestrian training and activities as a way to keep them out of gangs 🐎

guinness have said that they’re super proud to have featured the compton cowboys in their latest advert 🙂 like, these are peeps who decided against a life of crime in a place where a large majority of people are involved in crime … it’s pretty inspirational 👍🏻

apparently the time when people are most aware of the compton cowboys’ existence is at the weekend when they take to the streets en masse 🐎🤠

that’s all i really have to say on this 🤙🏻 if you feel like you want to know more about the compton cowboys, then you can read loads ->here<-

as for stuff on ye olde blog, we’re done for another day 😬 catch you tomorrow 👍🏻

laterz 🙃 #tdil


today’s fact was possibly one of the most inspirational that we’ve had on the blog 🙂 good times! if you wanna read more stuff just go ->here<-

(image license time! the first majestic horse is ->here<- and the second picture and header is ->here<-)

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