today i learned – sat 25th nov 2017

right, yesterday i mentioned that i am now obsessed with mtv’s catfish 🙈

therefore, it felt only right to do a catfish fact today 👍đŸģ … be warned though, this kind of ruined the show a little for me đŸ˜ĸ

#tdil that the producers always know how an episode is going to turn out 😒 (nev and max don’t 🤙đŸģ)

if you’ve never watched catfish the tv show, it’s basically about two dudes – nev (said neev) and max – that help people find out who they’ve been talking to online.

(a catfish is someone that pretends to be someone else online in order to get someone to love them)

so yeah, considering the nature of the above, it seems kind of obvious that some of the show has to have been scripted or premeditated 🤔 … even if it is nice to think it’s all real life 😒. that said, it still surprised me a bit that the producers literally fabricate the beginning and ending of each episode.

what is nice about the show is that nev and max are apparently told nothing about the parties involved and how the episode is going to happen.

it is their job to join all of the dots and figure out the goodness that is the content of each episode … it’s something that they sometimes get wrong 🙈

regardless, at the start of each episode the team have to get waivers and stuff signed by all the peeps involved 👍đŸģ apparently it isn’t hard to get people to sign the waivers … which is surprising when you think that some of the catfish are made out to be total arseholes ☚ī¸

right, that one was quick today and was largely useless in every respect 😂 that said, providing i haven’t ruined catfish, it’ll be something fun to tell peeps next time you watch it 👍đŸģ

byeeee đŸ˜Ŧ #tdil


feel like you need to read something that is actually useful and worthy of space in your brain? you need to go ->here<-

(images to go with this post we’re really hard 😒 regardless: the header is apparently in the public domain and the license is ->here<-, the hand holding is ->here<- and the super nice lake is ->here<-)

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