today i learned – fri 24th nov 2017

i’m currently watching catfish … it’s sublime 🙈 but sadly today’s fact isn’t about that 😅

instead, it’s once again about the government and diesels 😒

#tdil that, in their infinite wisdom, the government are once again raising diesel tax 👍🏻

yep, it’s true 🙃 after waxing lyrical about how good diesel is (like, it used to be the best thing since sliced bread) they are once again changing the tax paid on diesels 🚗

the rise was announced in the autumn budget by chancellor phillip hammond and will come into effect on the 1st april 2018 🤙🏻

apparently, it’ll only affect cars that don’t meet euro 6 standards … basically, if you don’t meet those standards, your car is going up a ved band 👎🏻 subsequently, your first year rate will increase.

the government think that the change will only make things worse for around two million cars and how badly it’ll hurt those peeps depends totally on the type of car (as you’d expect). according to autoexpress, it could cost anywhere from £15 to £500 😳.

it apparently doesn’t have any impact on the £140 yearly fees that everyone has to pay after year one. it also only has an impact on diesel cars … trucks and vans are chill 💁🏻‍♀️

right! adulting over 😏 for once, the blog may have actually come in handy! 😂

i’m off to bed now 😴

ta ta 😍 #tdil


wow! an actually useful blog post?! 😱 who’d have thunk it?! if you fancy reading something that isn’t as useful (but is amusing) then go ->here<-

(picture time! i’m all about those licenses 😏 … first image is ->here<- (i know it’s american), the second image and header is ->here<- and the final picture of a petrol station is ->here<-)

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