today i learned – thurs 23rd nov 2017

i’m off on a team building day today … so this is going to have to be a quick one 😜

that said, it’s also a pretty amusing one 😂 so, you know, swings and roundabouts 👍🏻

#tdil that ‘tin tin’ is called ‘tan tan’ in japan due to it being pretty rude in japanese 🙈

i’ll be honest, i never actually watched tin tin properly 😅 … i mean, i may have watched it once, but i literally don’t remember it 🙃. regardless, the immaturity of this fact is still amusing 😂

anyway, the fact 🙈 – in japan, tin tin’s name had to be changed on account of it being pronounced ‘chin chin’ … which translates to mean ‘penis’ 🍆 #awks 😳

you know, that’s actually everything that i have to say about this 😂 told you it’d be a quick fact 🤙🏻 … lived up to my word for once 😎

right, i’m off to be team builded 🙌🏻

in a bit 😬 #tdil


if you feel like you need a couple of slightly less immature and actually useful facts to get you through the day, just go ->here<- 🙂

(due to the shortness of today’s fact, i’ve only used the one image 👍🏻 the license for it is ->here<-)

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