today i learned – tues 21st nov 2017

it would appear that most of my learnings are now coming from things that i’ve watched on telly 😂

no bother, means that we get varied facts 😅 yesterday it was fish sleeping and today it’s tanks 👍🏻 (it’s actually a pretty fundamental fact about tanks)

#tdil the very reason why tanks are called tanks!

as you’d expect, the origin of the name takes us right back to the invention of the tank itself!

surprisingly, the very first tanks were actually made by the british royal navy and french car makers! their purpose was to help attack peeps chilling in trenches and to forge paths for the troops 💪🏻

(turns out, they weren’t great to begin with 😅 they tended to break down a lot … but then they were made by french car makers and people who spend their time in boats)

anyway! the name ‘tank’ was developed as a way to disguise the actual purpose of the vehicles and to trick the germans. by calling them tanks, they actually aimed to make the germans think that they did nothing more than carry water for the middle eastern theatre of world war one 😏.

there’s not much else to say on this 😂 so, for once, i’m not going to waffle on 🙌🏻

ta rahhhh 👋🏻 #tdil


perfect pub quiz fodder right there 😬 if you fancy learning some more, you just need to go ->here<-

(time for photo licenses again 👀 … the first image can be found ->here<- and the last image (and header image) is ->here<-

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