today i learned – mon 20th nov 2017

yesterday was the best evening of telly that we have all week – blue planet 2 was on 😍

that said, i missed it 🙈 therefore, ocean fact of the week has been moved to today!

#tdil that, like humans, fish need their sleep and can suffer from sleep disorders! 😴

this one was actually inspired by all of those sperm whales that we saw sleeping on blue planet. i had planned to write about that … but apparently we don’t know all that much about them 😅. anyway on with the show 👍🏻

god i love sleep ♥️ it’s literally one of my favourite things … turns out, fish really enjoy it too 🙂

turns out that all different species of fish sleep, it just doesn’t look anything like how we sleep … for starters, with the exception of sharks, they don’t have eye lids 👀

they also never enter r.e.m sleep and some even have to continue swimming while they sleep (to avoid that pesky thing called death ☠️).

so, with that in mind, what does it actually look like when a fish sleeps? apparently it varies depending on the species of fish … but it’s generally like they’re having a good ole daydream. some tend to get nestled into the sea floor/coral/rocks, whilst others chill near the sea floor – hovering close to the bottom.

regardless of how they do it, they have to be constantly alert and on the look out for predators (which would be really annoying 😒). for that reason, they don’t really enjoy what we would traditionally call sleep.

that said, they do accomplish exactly the same mission that we do during sleep – slowed metabolism to help store/save energy and time for the body to restore itself.

seems pretty mad when you think that fish actually sleep 🤔 like, i’ve always just assumed that they continually swim around the ocean minding their own business (or eating each other) 🐠

and that’s that 🤙🏻 pretty interesting one today … will make for some good pub quiz fodder 🍻

oh wait! the sleep disorder thing! yeah, so, some fish can suffer from disorders such as insomnia 😕. for example: zebra fish that lack hypocretin receptors can have issues getting to sleep or sleeping at all #worstthingever

anyway, i’m out 😏 #tdil


much like the bake off facts, i rather enjoy these little fishy bits of goodness 🙌🏻 if you fancy reading some more random stuff, just go ->here<-

(pretty picture license time! first image of a piranha is ->here<-, the picture of loads of barracuda is ->here<- and the fish that looks like it needs a sleep (header image) is ->here<-)

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