today i learned – sun 19th nov 2017

today, i’m going to attempt to explain complex physics in a way that even i can understand 😂

let’s see how this goes 😅

#tdil that pretty much everyone has travelled faster than light at some point! 😱

well … technically 🙈 … when it has been slowed down a lot in lab! you see, light travels through a vacuum at 186,000 miles per second – ain’t no cars that fast 🏎 …

however, a danish woman named lene vestergaard hau has managed to slow light down to 38mph! 😏 (so yeah, providing you’ve been on any kind of public transport, you’ve travelled faster than light 💁🏻‍♀️)

lene is a teacher at harvard and also works at the rowland institute for science. she experimented with the fact that when you cool some things down lots and lots (like, almost to absolute zero) they do cool stuff.

when you’re really really close to absolute zero, the thing that makes atoms move about almost stops 👍🏻 (apparently we feel this ‘thing’ as heat) … hence the really slow light goodness.

apparently lene accomplished her mental achievement by shooting a laser through extremely cold sodium atoms.

right, i had planned to go more in depth into this … but the actual full on science made by brain hurt 😢 therefore, if you’re really clever, you can learn clever stuff ->here<-

as we’ve all learned the basics, i still count this as a #tdil 💁🏻‍♀️

blue planet tonight! 😬

byeeeeee 😍 #tdil


i think this was a success? who knows 🙈 go read more stuff ->here<- … yesterday there was a giant gentleman’s sausage in the sky 👍🏻

(alright, picture license time! the header image is ->here<- and the bulb image is ->here<-)

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