today i learned – thurs 16th nov 2017

i feel like we need a new category for today fact 🤔 it should be called something like ‘today’s awful idea’ or something like that 🤙🏻

anyway, motorway commuters, this one is for you 🙃 #yourewelcome

#tdil that they’re adding traffic lights to the motorway 👍🏻

yep, you read that correctly – the british motorway network is getting traffic lights 😒 … i’m not talking slip road traffic lights either #oldnews, i’m talking proper full on traffic lights on the carriageway itself 😳

now, before you start thinking “meh, it’s probably just an idea that’ll never happen” … soz, highways england start trialing it next month with their first set of motorway traffic lights 😭

where?! i hear you cry loudly! *drum roll* 🥁 … they’re going to be situated where junction 21a of the m6 and junction 10 of the m62 meet – that’s the croft interchange near warrington in cheshire (sorry guys 😢)

but don’t worry! they’ll “only be on during peak hours” … although, as the m6 and m62 are always mad busy, no one actually knows when that is 😂

anyway, why are they doing this? well, congestion is up 30% compared to the mid-90s and costs the uk £9billion a year! highways england have basically been told to somehow sort it out … so it feels like they’re just clutching at straws 🙃

if the trial goes well (over a year) it’s pretty likely that we’ll see more motorway traffic lights appearing on more link roads 😠. i’ll be honest, i’ve no idea how traffic lights will help make traffic flow better … but highways england are really confident that it will.

right, that’s enough depressing news for today … i’m going to go buy a helicopter 👍🏻 that’s the only way past traffic 😏

peace 👌🏻 #tdil


lol, why is this a thing?! if you feel like you need cheering up, go read some more good stuff ->here<-

(it’s that fun time where we go through photo licenses again! here goes – first image of a dual carriageway is ->here<-, the non-english traffic lights are ->here<- and the final motorway image is ->here<-)

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