today i learned – tues 14th nov 2017

i have a pretty big obsession with the various car scenes of this world 🏎 it’s that obsession that has led to tonight’s fact! 🙂

we’re heading to south east asia for this good stuff 😏

#tdil that cars in singapore are reallyyyyyyy expensive 🤑 … like, really expensive 😳

to be honest, the whole thing is pretty nuts 😅 … when you buy a car in singapore you have to jump through a number of hoops and buy a number of things that really ramp up the price. for this reason, even little hatchbacks are a real luxury purchase for people!

now, there is going to be a lot of numbers in this one 😴 so if you’d rather watch this get explained, i initially learned this fact from the below mighty car mods video!

for starters, you have the price of the car … these generally aren’t much different to the prices that you’d pay elsewhere 👍🏻

it’s the next bit where things start to get expensive – you have to buy a ‘certificate of entitlement’ or ‘coe’. the coe allows you to drive the car for 10 years 😬 but the price is ‘market-driven’ … meaning that it increases during times of high demand.

in 2016, the price of a coe was between £22,000 and £27,000 😶 … erm …

it gets worse! you also have to pay an additional registration fee (arf) that starts at 100% the price of the car’s value 😷 … so, if you buy a car for £11,000, you have to pay an additional £11,000 on top! if the initial price of the car was more than £11,000, then you have to pay even more on top of that £11k!

think that’s all? nah 🙈 you also have excise duty and the dealer’s margin to pay on top 😢.

now, let’s stop with numbers and do something real world! the effect of all of these little costs is that, according to the telegraph, a hyundai santa fe costs more than an aston martin vantage does over here! the hyundai costs £87,968 whilst the aston over here costs £86,080 😅

how depressing is that 🙈 you can never buy a cheap run around in singapore 🚲 #getonyerbike

right, i think that’s enough for today! enjoy your day beautiful people 😍

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


thank god that we don’t have all of those costs over here! love my car too much 🤙🏻 anyway, if you liked this and feel like more facts, go ->here<- … yesterday’s was about fish with drinking problems 😂

(licenses for images time 👍🏻 … first pic can be found ->here<-, the cool rear light picture came from ->here<-, the cool junction (that i don’t think is singapore) is ->here<- and the awesome night shot, that is also the header image, is ->here<-)

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