today i learned – sat 11th nov 2017

as you will (hopefully) know, today is armistice day – a day of remembrance for all of those who fought/fight for us in the many wars of this world đŸ˜ĸ

it’s a proper important day, so today’s fact couldn’t not be about it!

#tdil the reasons why we observe armistice day every year 👍đŸģ

i’ll be honest, after being a cadet and doing many years of remembrance sunday marches, this is more of a ‘today i revised’ … but it’s super important, so this is probably the most informative post on the blog! 🙂

so, if you’ve ever wondered how armistice day actually came around … here we go – armistice was an agreement between france, britain and germany to stop fighting. it was signed at 5am on 11th november 1914 and came into effect at 11am (french time) … the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour.

now, armistice was actually a prelude to the actual peace agreement – the treaty of versailles – six months later 👍đŸģ

the terms of the armistice agreement were that germany admitted ww1 was their fault, they would pay around ÂŖ22billion in reparations and they would give up a whole load of armour and equipment … after all, the whole point was to end the war and remove anything that could help germany restart it 😠

if germany broke any of the terms, then it was written in the agreement that fighting would restart with 48 hours notice ☚ī¸

the silence that we observe every year, on the closest sunday to the 11th, is to help us show respect and remember all of the lives lost in all of the wars (as well as those who have/are currently fighting)

i hope that you’ll all be wearing your poppy tomorrow and observing the silence 🙂 i’m going to go and watch band of brothers and feel super proud and lucky and grateful 🙏đŸģ

stay classy 🤙đŸģ #tdil


for all of the rubbish on this blog, i think this is the most worthwhile post to date! if you’d like to read some other goodness, just go ->here<-

(picture time 📸 … header image license is ->here<-, the dudes with the huge gun are ->here<- and the candles are ->here<-)

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