today i learned – fri 10th nov 2017

one of my friends moved house today πŸ™‚ to a place with a mega garden! 😱 it’s beaut!

anyway, that got us all talking about what you should do with your cat(s) … more precisely – should you rub butter on their paws? πŸ€”

#tdil the truth about rubbing butter on the cat’s paws after moving house 🐱

so, this is something that my parents (and many other people) completely swear by … the overarching theory being that it helps stop your cat from being too stressed or getting lost 😸

how does it do this? well, there are a few different theories πŸ‘πŸ» all of which are to do with your cat licking off the aforementioned butter. here come the theories –

firstly, licking the butter off their paws gives your cat a chance to take in their new surroundings and smells 🌲. helping to ensure that they become at ease with their new home.

the second theory is that the butter removes old smells from the cat’s paws and, in a sense, refreshes their palette … for want of a better phrase. that helps them to accept their new home πŸ€™πŸ»

the third and final theory is pretty simple … the serious and important task of licking the butter of their paws entirely consumes your cat’s brain and makes them forget all about the whole thing πŸ™‚. i like to call this one the ‘shawn of the dead tactic’ aka ‘going to the winchester and letting it all blow over’ πŸ˜‚

anyway, it’s time for the truth! which of those theories is actually correct? πŸ€” … turns out, there’s zero proof that any of them are true 😳 in fact, there’s more proof that it’ll actually just stress your cat out even more πŸ˜… #awks.

according to the website ‘pets4home’ your cat will do a lot of the above without the assistance of butter πŸ™ƒ. your cat will naturally try to take in their new environment and learn all the new smells.

you should basically just get your chipped (just incase) and give them lots of love, affection and time whilst they learn how to get on with their new place 😽. i’m no expert … so if you are moving and want advice, go to their website ->here<-

anyway, this is getting long πŸ˜‚ the basic gist of this post is that our age old favourite saying about buttery cat paws, doesn’t hold water 😒 … which is actually pretty sad!

right, i think that’ll do us for today 😬

byeeeeee 😻 #tdil


gotta love a bit of mythbusting! one day, i will be on that show 🀞🏻until then, you can find more fun facts ->here<-

(i’ve basically just chosen all of the cutest cat pictures i could find πŸ˜‚ … first cute cat license is ->here<-, the second scared looking cat (and header image) is ->here<-, the cat next to the fence is ->here<-, bed cat is ->here<- and sofa cat is ->here<-)

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