today i learned – sun 5th nov 2017

it’s bonfire night!! 😬 which obviously means that all you’ll be saying tonight are the two words – ‘oooooooo’ and ‘ahhhhhhhhh’ 😂

anyway, in honour of bonfire night, i thought i’d do a slightly alternative firework night fact … about kit harington #lol

#tdil that kit harington is related to the dude he is currently playing in the bbc’s ‘gunpowder’ 💥

so, as you know, bonfire night came about due to the gunpowder plot of 1605 … where a group of dudes plotted to blow up the houses of parliament 🙃. i haven’t learned anything about the gunpowder plot since i was in primary school … but i, like many, simply remember that guy fawkes was involved 👍🏻

in the new bbc show, however, that you may or may not have been watching, they’ve focused more on robert catesby … the true mastermind behind the whole thing … here’s a trailer 😂

anyway, that’s not what the fact is today! in a pretty mad turn of events, catesby is actually one of kit’s ancestors! in fact, mr.harington has been told stories about catesby ever since he was little!

apparently his middle name is actually ‘catesby’ and his mother’s maiden name is also catesby 👍🏻

to be honest, when asked about the whole thing, he didn’t seem all that fussed 😅 he simply feels that, if you go back far enough, everyone is related to everyone 🙈.

then again, he is also descended from king charles ii of england … so maybe he’s already over the whole ancestor fame life 💁🏻‍♀️

right, quite a random one today 😂 but i didn’t want to do to just do a predictable bonfire night fact!

hope you enjoyed 🤔

au revoir 😘 #tdil


enjoy your bonfires tonight peeps! if you feel like you want to read loads of facts whilst you wait … just go ->here<-

(gotta love a big ole bonfire like that one in the picture! the license is ->here<-)

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