today i learned – sat 4th nov 2017

yesterday was a hugely exciting day for quite a few people 😬 – it was iphone x launch day!! 📱

sadly i’m still stuck with my smashed beast … regardless, the mad queues and hype made me wonder just how many iphones were actually out there 🤔

#tdil exactly how many iphones have been sold since it was first unveiled!

so yeah, every year when apple releases something new and exciting (maybe not ‘every’ year these days) millions of people across the world go and sit outside their local apple store to get them self some glorious apple goodness 🍏

in fact, it’s documented most years by one of my favourite youtubers – casey neistat 🤙🏻 – because it’s a tad ridiculous how obsessed some of us apple fanboys are 🙈 … to prove my point, here’s his iphone x video!

anyway, back to what i actually learned! apparently apple don’t actually release exact figures for each individual iphone (which isn’t helpful) … that said, the figures are out there 😂

what do they tell us? they tell us that there are a lot of iphones out there 😳 like a lot – on 27th july 2016, apple sold their one billionth iphone!!! 😱 and now, thanks to iphone 7 and it’s friends, they’ve now sold somewhere in the region of 1.2billion 😶.

of course, that doesn’t take into account iphone 8, 8+ and x! so expect that number to rise even more 😵 i mean, iphone x preorders sold out in less than 10 minutes.

it’s also not bad when you consider that steve jobs’ original aim with the iphone was only to capture 1% of the mobile phone market 😅 as is standard with apple, they have massively overachieved and now hold between 20% and 40% of the smartphone market 😎.

basically, next time the apple peeps randomly just give you a new phone because yours broke in some obscene manner, don’t feel bad 😂 they really aren’t struggling for the funds 🙈

right, there’s a quick apple fact for today 🙂 i’m now going to go and sell both kidneys, lungs and possibly an arm so that i can get my own iphone x to smash 👍🏻

laterz peeps 💪🏻 #tdil


love a good apple fact … feels like they’re full of vitamins and goodness 😍 if you fancy some more (none apple) facts, go see the rest of my blog ->here<-

(actually found an iphone x picture that i’m allowed to use free of charge?! 😱 legit! the license is ->here<-)

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