today i learned – fri 3rd nov 2017

it’s an argument that possibly predates the dinosaurs 🦖: breakfast, dinner, tea or breakfast, lunch, dinner 🤔

after a long ‘heated discussion’ at work, i remain unshaken from my dinner and tea roots … either way, i thought it’d be a fun thing to investigate!

#tdil the reason why people have different ideas about what meals are called! 🍔

we’ve had many a discussion about this at work … it got so serious that i even did an instagram poll 😱 … i know right?! #outofcontrol

apparently the reason behind this common argument is actually one of class! all of the above terms are in fact usable and therefore, unfortunately, everyone is technically correct 😒 (they aren’t … there can be only one winner 💁🏻‍♀️)

anyway, in the name of unbiased facts, tea as an evening meal is often associated with the working class. eaten between 5pm and 7pm, you have tea at the end of the day and dinner in the afternoon 👍🏻

on the other hand, the upper classes are often associated with having lunch at midday and dinner as their evening meal (apparently really posh people have ‘dinner’ if it’s a formal meal and ‘supper’ if it isn’t).

that said, it is largely agreed (on the internetwebs) that ‘dinner’ refers to the biggest meal of the day … regardless of what time it is eaten.

if i’m honest, it’s really really complicated 😂 i used various different articles to write this and no one really has a clue what’s going on 🙈 . possibly the best and most rounded view is the financial times ->here<-

despite the fact that i’m a ‘lord’ (lol 😂 they sent me a pen and certificate and everything) i will forever maintain that it is breakfast – dinner – tea … just because it is #noquestion 💁🏻‍♀️

hopefully this has at least helped you slightly? now, go forth and argue in the comments below and on facebook and in your office and at family events! 💪🏻

you’re welcome 😅 #tdil


right, if i haven’t offended you and you haven’t ran off to argue, why not read some more good stuff ->here<- 😬

(i wonder if someone was eating that stunning looking burger in the evening … for tea 🤔 license ->here<-)

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